Ich bin ein Dead Domainer!

Following the shocking revelation by Mike Berkens of TheDomains about Alexander Schubert’s statement that “the only good domainer is a dead domainer“, we reached out to Alexander for clarifications on the heated issue.

Hours later, we received this message:

“Gut morgen, domainers, ich bin sory for statement made me look silly. I love domainer and was domainer from 1997 up until 2004, when realize that I did not want spend time or money for domains. I want make my own TLD und that’s why I go for .Gay. When say that good domainer ist dead domainer, I include myself because I died in 2004. Don’t worry, when see me at domain conference I have no knife or gun or pistol as in Germany verboten to own Luger SS replica. In America, peoples shoots peoples but peaceful Deutschland. Ich bin ein Dead Domainer and ich liebe dich, gay or straight.”

We tried to locate Alexander Schubert’s grave in Berlin, and we were able to confirm that indeed, he is dead since 2004, according to this tombstone below.

Alexander Schubert 1997-2004

Alexander Schubert 1997-2004

Alexander Schubert is a dead domainer and he deserves to be rest in peace.


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