Infographic: Stick it to the Brazilians, Rick!

The results are in for our poll about what should Rick Schwartz do with the domain name, – since it was challenged via UDRP by the Brazilian lawyer, Márcio Mello Chaves, who filed the case on behalf of the company.

What should Rick Schwartz do with ?

Out of 100 voters, only 8 believe that a fair use would be to provide a “green” web site about saving Mother Earth from pollution.

Our suggestion about creating a web site to raise awareness about the victims of human trafficking, garnered 10 per cent of the vote.

Salvation and redemption from all sins sounded like a plausible use to 11% of the voters, while 16% of domainers think that parking the web site is a legitimate business option.

The winner of the vote was Rick’s current choice of pointing the traffic to his blog; 55% of voters chose that the option of letting the Brazilians know who’s boss, is the right choice.

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2 Responses to “Infographic: Stick it to the Brazilians, Rick!”
  1. George says:

    For the good of the internet community, it is imperative that Rick win the battle that was brought upon him. There will be much bloodshed, but Rick needs to win.

    It is my hope that all of you out there appreciate it as much as I do. He is fighting for all of us. The next .com that is stolen can easily be yours. To think that someone with a .shit can ask a panel of arbitrators to award them the .com version of the domain is simply ridiculous!

  2. Ricks Friend says:

    I think that Rick might be screwed with 3 brazillians being appointed as panelists, so Rick should appeal to their senses by getting a brazillian wax and including photos of the new him within his application. It may look like an open and shut case but I think he shouldn’t let his domains future ride on chances. I am thinking that he could get back at the perpetrator by putting up a single photo of him and his brazillian wax on the site so that they are forced to buy him out for an even higher figure or suffer having their customers see him nude… (with his new wax)

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