Internet Reboot Report: The year 2020 is all about .ORG #domains

It’s almost 2020 and the Internet Reboot Institute shared details directly from its latest Internet Reboot Report – a well-respected publication about the Internet, domains, and the global reboot status.

The report is jam-packed with scientifically researched analysis, raw data on domain name investing, and other hand-picked information from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Rick Schwartz’s TV show.

According to the report, the upcoming year 2020 is all about .ORG domains.

If you aren’t following the Ethos Capital saga, the Internet Reboot Report identifies the core issues with just 3 bullet points:

  • .ORG domains are valuable
  • Ethos Capital has cash and wants to make more cash
  • .ORG domains will become more expensive in the future

The Internet Reboot Report states that in order to make money in the billions of dollars, investors are indeed willing to spend billions up front, something that eludes the minds of commoner domain flippers.

Long term investments generate ROI based on simulated data models projecting earnings for decades to come, and Ethos Capital has most likely run a domain simulator predicting its earnings for all eternity, if not beyond that.

Here’s what the Internet Reboot Report asserts:

  • Initial .ORG investment: $1.135 billion dollars
  • Annual operating costs: $350,000 dollars
  • Projected annualized growth for the coming decade 2021-2030: 10%
  • Asset valuation by 2050: $23.2 billion dollars

“Numbers don’t lie,” is a great quote attributed to the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, who is a firm believer in Capitalism. When money is invested in profit-generating joint ventures, the result will always be more money – unless any cosmic, catastrophic phenomena occur.

Says the report:

“Sanitized data analysis can predict trends on a vector of multiple telemetries; given infinite time and space, growth is hyperbolic, with a deviation quotient of 0.0004% and a trajectory angle mimicking the enumeration of the spatial gap between two consecutive plateaus in the opposing vector.”

Basically, what the Internet Reboot Report says is that there is no doubt Ethos Capital will continue to profit from its investment, no matter what domainers think.

For the full copy of the report, click here.

Internet Reboot Report 2020 – It’s all about .ORG

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