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Internet Traffic rolls out improved back end manager

Internet Traffic, the domain monetization platform that took the domain world by storm in 2012, has just rolled out an extensive series of improvements to its back-end manager.

The changes and improvements are not just aesthetic but also functional.

Inquiries are now split into Inbox | Responded | Sale Pending | Forwarded | Sold | Archive | Trash | Reminders, each one on its own organized page.

New back-end improvements to InternetTraffic.com

New back-end improvements to InternetTraffic.com

This takes away the clutter previously existing on a single page.

Similar improvements have been made to the other sections, such as the domain portfolios, reports and profile.

Experiencing the new Internet Traffic back-end manager is a breeze; we can’t wait to see what other surprises Frank Schilling is saving for the near future! 😉

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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2 Responses to “Internet Traffic rolls out improved back end manager”
  1. Krishna says:

    I am also surprised after seeing these good changes. Frank is really doing wonders for domain community. I am hoping that he will soon start leasing option for each domain along with selling option.

    Just like stock exchanges, I am hoping that Domainnamesales will become domainexhcange for buyers and sellers.

  2. J S says:

    As always! A Winner!

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