#IQOS brand: Philip Morris is the absolute biggest #UDRP filer in #domain history!

It’s official: Philip Morris, makers of the smokeless IQOS device, has filed the most UDRP cases than anyone else in history.

The UDRP process is turning 20 years old this October, and no other corporation has used it more often.

There are now 253 separate UDRP filings, with 251 of them filed since October 2016 that Philip Morris launched its IQOS brand. That’s an average of one UDRP every 4 days!

The actual number of domain names involved is considerably higher, as Philip Morris often files a UDRP for multiple domain name violations whenever possible.

The pattern is obvious: wins for every one that has been already decided upon, with several creating a backlog that stretches back to July!

Twenty five new UDRP filings in September alone, indicate that when it comes down to IQOS products, it’s a keyword that anyone should avoid including in their domain name registrations!

With billions of dollars at stake, despite recent concerns that smokeless tobacco products can cause harm, the super-litigious manufacturer is setting new records every week at the WIPO!

There are more than 250 UDRP cases for Philip Morris products such as IQOS and HEET

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