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#IQOS brand: Philip Morris is the absolute biggest #UDRP filer in #domain history!

It’s official: Philip Morris, makers of the smokeless IQOS device, has filed the most UDRP cases than anyone else in history. The UDRP process is turning 20 years old this October, and no other corporation has used it more often. There are now 253 separate UDRP filings, with 251 of them filed since October 2016 […]

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Smoking: Sahar Sarid’s eJuice review web site goes live!

Sahar Sarid has launched its latest project, eJuice.com. Catering to vapor enthusiasts, the developed web site provides reviews of smoking vapor products, often referred to as ‘juice’. As promised in early December, the redesigned eJuice.com web site delivers the goods with plenty of eye-candy; the vapes and babes concept appears to be working rather well. […]

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eJuice.com : Sahar Sarid’s new vapor review website delivers ‘babes and vapes’

Nicotine vaporizers as an alternative to smoking tobacco have acquired numerous fans; the nicotine is delivered in liquid form which is then evaporated, commonly referred to as “ejuice.” Sahar Sarid‘s latest project, eJuice, attempts to provide the vape connoisseurs with reviews of quality products, served with a healthy dosage of eye candy. Currently, eJuice.com is […]

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