Is #Greenland for sale? Long tail #domain will let you know!

If you were baffled by US president Donald Trump’s statements about buying Greenland due to its strategic location, you might have settled who to vote for in 2020.

Trump’s nonchalant statement was met by equal surprise from the government of Greenland – an independent nation.

So is Greenland for sale?

American politician, Steve Bullock, seized the opportunity to ridicule Donald Trump’s statement, by registering the obvious long tail domain,

On the web site, the answer is short: “NO.”

The rest of the lander says: “But while you’re here, donate a buck to kick Donald trump out of office.”

The domain was registered on August 15th with Such political domains might drop after a year or two, but they are used creatively during campaign and election time. Perhaps it will drop, and then we’re almost certain DropCatch will catch i! πŸ˜€ – Is Greenland for sale?

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One Response to “Is #Greenland for sale? Long tail #domain will let you know!”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    i gonna wait until huge domains lists it for $2699 and buy it and put up a quick site to get investors to purchase it for me. it may be a wasteland now but with global warming… cha-ching, i gonna own a tropical island paradise. that’s why i come to this blog, for insider scoops.

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