Is #Poker .com the next multi-million dollar #domain sale?

Poker is an internationally acclaimed game of skill and luck. Millions of poker players engage in one form of poker or another, for fun or for money.

Online poker is a game that several US states block for their residents, but the US Supreme Court is about to weigh a case that could allow states to legalize sports betting, which includes poker.

The domain was registered in 1998, and it surely existed before then but neither DomainTools or can provide earlier data.

Could, a domain brokered by domain industry veteran, Monte Cahn, become the next multi-million dollar domain sale?

It sure looks like that, as the Stars Group, Canadian owners of multi-billion dollar company PokerStars, is acquiring British Sky Betting & Gaming for $4.7 billion dollars in cash and stock.

While poker is not an online betting game offered by Sky Betting, it’s still the most important competitive card game in the world.

For a company that spends billions of dollars, what would it be to spend – for example$20 million,  to acquire the crown jewel domain for poker,

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3 Responses to “Is #Poker .com the next multi-million dollar #domain sale?”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    might have gone down in value. right now a simple ai program can beat 99.9% of all players. may render online poker obsolete.

  2. domain guy says:

    no pokerstars as you stated would extend their brand and buy pokerstars could then have virtual games, live real time broadcast, city meets ups for playing poker. There is no need to spend 20 million to buy when they just spent 4.7 billion dollars and could extend their brand on the satellite.

  3. DomainGang says:

    domain guy – Pokerstars already owns What on earth are you talking about? And yes, $20 million is a piss in the sea compared to $4.7 billion dollars, for an asset such as

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