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Jeff Schneider’s Metal Tiger .com is owned by Mike Mann

Metal tiger family.

Metal tiger family.

Jeff Schneider is a hyper-active domainer, whose daily comments adorn many a domain blog, including DomainGang.

Known for his signature, intense tirades about new media and “SEO Manipulated Search Engine Marketing“, Jeff often replicates his responses across several blogs on a given day, changing few – if any – words in the process.

This gives some the impression that Jeff’s domain quotations are spam, when in fact they are individual contributions; albeit, of esoteric quality.

It appears that Jeff’s moniker – “Metal Tiger” – is owned by legendary domain investor, Mike Mann, who wants $25,000 in order to part with the domain name MetalTiger.com.

Many thanks to Domain Animal who tipped us on this remarkable opportunity that Jeff Schneider has, to strengthen his brand, at a price consistent with the value of the “Metal Tiger” commentary powerhouse.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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4 Responses to “Jeff Schneider’s Metal Tiger .com is owned by Mike Mann”
  1. DomainGang says:

    Jeff – Will you pay the Mann $25,000 as a gesture of support towards the predominant TLD, .com?

    An alternative would be to apply for .metaltiger at ICANN but it’d cost you dearly. Those new gTLDs are like a new plague!

  2. Cartoonz says:

    WTF is a “birthwright” anyway? Sounds like some form of antique midwifery.

  3. dotnormal says:


    It is the incredible repetition of the .com gobbledygook you post that we find so annoying. And by “we”, I do mean EVERYONE that has to try and read past the volumes of it on every domain blog.

    You should take a poll – you have no real followers…

  4. Junior Jenkins says:

    We stand as proud followers of the Contact Group. We, too, are seeing infinite template recursion in the Global Routing System.

    In addition, there is mounting evidence that data subsidence is creating polymorphic anomalies in the leading search indices. The implications for marketers should be obvious.

    Junior Jenkins
    (Relay Associates) (Titanium Housecat)

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