Korean registrant the next target of a Facebook UDRP ?


A #zuck hashtag.

A rather naive Korean registrant, got whiff of the upcoming – at the time – plan that Facebook had, to implement hashtags.

The idea of adding the “hash” (#) to keywords, in order to produce linkable search results, was pioneered by Twitter.

Now that Facebook has jumped on the hashtag bandwagon, anyone can accompany their duck face photos with a #duckface hashtag on Facebook, thus linking to thousands of similar results.

Isn’t technology grand?

Back to the Korean guy; he registered FacebookHashtag.com and FacebookHashtags.com in March, according to DomainTools.

How do you say “clueless” in Korean?

Both of these domains resolve to a basic page, adorned by flowers and providing the email address of the registrant. It’s an obvious attempt to make the domains available for sale, without as much as saying anything. 😉

Facebook has been particularly aggressive in retrieving domain names that contain its trademark, so we expect this pair of domain names to evaporate in an upcoming UDRP.


This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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