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Leilani Munter: What Godaddy’s Danica Patrick isn’t

Danica Patrick has long been promoted by GoDaddy as the ultimate ‘girl next door’ slash cool chick racer.

In fact, we have always found Bob Parsons’ choice of female entourage quite confusing, as Danica Patrick – in our humble opinion – is as exciting as watching septuagenarians play a game of lacrosse.

On the other hand, exotic-looking Leilani Münter is the real deal – the type of chick that Bob Parsons and GoDaddy should be going after.

Born in Minnesota in 1976, Leilani Münter is not only a race car driver in the Indy Series and NASCAR but also an environmental activist.

That’s right, the girl possesses the type of “green” that is all the rage currently.

Eat your heart out, Danica Patrick!

At her web site, Leilani Münter stresses the importance of clean energy, the reduction of carbon fuel usage and promotes an eco-friendly approach to modern racing and lifestyle.

Oh, and if you can tell from the photos, Leilani Münter is hot as hell! 😀

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3 Responses to “Leilani Munter: What Godaddy’s Danica Patrick isn’t”
  1. BullS says:

    Thanks for the good info—once a while we need some refreshing news besides jdomain news.

    Yea–I hope she eats breakfast with me.

  2. Nordi says:

    Oh my god if godaddy hired her for the web site I’d move all my domains there!!!

  3. Jerry says:

    Goodmorning! Currently we are in the development stage of “HOTMODELRACING.COM” and we will be looking forward to Leilani’s profile. The whole concept of the site will be focused on women in competitive sports. At first, we thought that motorsports would be the venue, but have since realized that all sports will be our goal. We will feature profile’s, blogging, pic & portrait area, commentary from fans, friends, and family. Of course, there will be feature products for sale, advertising opportunitys, and we will work with sponsors/advertisers. You never know for sure, but we would like to introduce competitors and sponsors, for that opportunity $. We would like to see a contest of sorts, for the gals, with “pooled” sponsor” funds as a prize. Anyhow, we’ll stop by here again, and keep you posted. Have a great day, Jerry- P.S. Also, we are working on “RACEKARTS-USA.COM” and “VLOG-4SPORTS.COM” I personally want to give Leilani an “Atta-girl” just for being out there!

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