Logan and Krista : Recent #domain name sales with a great return on #investment!

Domain investors such as Logan Flatt and Krista Gable share one thing in common: they follow their gut feeling, when it comes down to domain name acquisitions.

Both Logan and Krista went against the flow and the advice dished out by the domain “mob,” opting instead to register, acquire or hold onto domains that would provide long term rewards.

That’s right. Instead of hoping for an instant flip on some domain forum, holding domains long term can secure a sizable ROI.

So which domain names have these two popular domainers sold recently?

Krista Gable, arriving from a fresh sale, that of a “5G” domain name, scored big with a marijuana-related domain, LadyHemp.com, which she just sold for $4,000 dollars via Undeveloped. Krista caught the domain on the drop, at GoDaddy auctions last year. Her cost: $11 dollars and she’ll pocket $3,640 dollars after commission.

Logan Flatt scored another large sale, that of LocationIntelligence.com for $7,000 dollars. The domain cost him $997 bucks a year and a half ago, again at GoDaddy drop auctions. Logan’s sale of this 20 letter .com took place via the Uni Market – Uniregistry has shared a performance and growth report for 2016 – 2018.

Congratulations guys! 😀

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