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LP.com : Two letter domain heads to Chinese ownership


China’s corporate buyers are grabbing LL .com domains.

Chinese corporations and domain investors laden with cash, are converting their money into intangible assets: domain names.

Domain investor and data analyst, George Kirikos, keeps track of the lucrative two letter .com domain market.

Kirikos has just uncovered yet another two letter .com, LP.com, that has been sold to the Chinese.

Lilliputian Pictures LLC, owned this 1994 domain since at least 2000, according to data from DomainTools.

But that’s not all.

Three more LL .com domains, already in Chinese possession, have changed status, and are available for sale, or have been already sold to Chinese investors: XR.com, PT.com and PF.com.

Two letter .com domains can reach well into the seven figure range, and $2 million dollars is considered the absolute minimum, currently.

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