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Matt Cutts : Google to block all web sites and domains except for Google.com

Matt Cutts talks about PageRank dissipation.

Matt Cutts talks about the end of the world.

In a shocking announcement earlier today, Google SEO ‘baron’, Matt Cutts, announced the immediate roll-out of Google Wolf 1.0.

Substituting cute names like Google Panda, and Google Penguin, the new Google Wolf 1.0 removes all web sites, domains, links and other useless content from Google.

The only result to remain on Google, will be Google.com, along with links to Gmail services.

According to Matt Cutts, this adjustment of SEO visibility has been his long term plan as a Google engineer, thus ending all speculations about his active participation at the world’s biggest search engine.

“I am back from a long sabbatical, and there are many great things to be accomplished in the coming months, stay tuned!” exclaimed Matt Cutts.

Playing down concerns about his own web site, MattCutts.com, not being up to par for conforming to Google-mandated, mobile-friendly standards, Matt Cutts responded:

“You know, it doesn’t really matter anymore, as only Google.com is now on Google. It was a small sacrifice I had to make for the Company.”

In future weeks, every single link on Google to web sites, domain names and other such useless content, will be replaced to links within Google.com itself.

Google Wolf 1.0 is not the end of the world, but it’s just the beginning of the end.

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11 Responses to “Matt Cutts : Google to block all web sites and domains except for Google.com”
  1. Kerry says:

    Everone should be made aware of this. Our seo experts are working 24/7 since the release on what we call the wolftrap but the with no outbound links on google this is proving to be difficult to beat!

  2. TheIPK says:

    TheIPK have been working hard with the Chinese government on this for a while now, and we have no interest regarding google or .com. As a few of you know, there will be great changes coming to the Internet’s formal walls in the near future with the decentraisation and partitioning away from ICANN’s corruption. Russia too have expressed interest, the world of the Internet has only just begun. Huge liquidation, massive investment, massive loss and massive gain. It’s a see-saw, it always has been.

  3. Nerd Bert says:

    Thats what we all waited for so Long! Thank you Matt, for these wonderful Need. Looking forward to see the results soon. Really, I am so happy. Thank you 🙂

  4. Mukul Chugh says:

    This will improve Google….but lets see what effect it does on blogs and websites…especially on even or niche based blogs… 🙂

  5. Shabir says:

    When it will be implemented? Its right to give chance for others..
    Thanks Looking forward for the result.

  6. honey says:

    damn it man then what about our websites???

  7. Amar Ilindra says:

    What does this actually mean? All websites and domains are going to vanish from search results? Can you please explain this in detail.

  8. Didn’t understood what he meant to say..can u elaborate it further please?

  9. That’s hell of an announcement. Now what are the massive SEO experts and others are gonna do. I am just amazed at how Google continues to change the online landscape and I guess at the end of the day only the players with deep pockets and huge publishing businesses will survive!

  10. Its really shocking and wanna know more about this..

  11. Tarun says:

    I wonder that how will it works. How google will show or classify websites on which bases???

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