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#MDGA : Trump to launch domain appraisal services

Trump is everyone’s champ.

Another day, another gallant attempt to “Make America Great Again;” the president, Donald Trump, is diversifying into domain appraisal services.

You could say, Make Domaining Great Again.

“I’m impressed with these domainer folks, very nice, very committed. I want to support them. They are great. They know what’s great for America. We’ll offer huge, huge discounts for domain appraisals,” said Donald Trump, looking stern and a tad constipated.

“Our business model will cut out China as a middle man. No more China. China is out, they hoard all the LLLL .com domains, the LLL and the LL soon. Terrible. More domains for Americans, that’s my motto,” added the president, smirking.

Trump Domain Appraisals will utilize a tribunal of 6 judges (not LGBT-friendly) to ensure domain investors are given a certificate of Trump Domain Evaluation; the follow-up to the Trump University diplomas, most likely.

“That was then, this is now. Move on. Friendly press, no fake media. I am 100% committed to domains, appraisals and America. We will bring millions of jobs to domainers, millions of jobs!” said Donald Trump.

If you have domain names and want to join the Trump Domain Appraisals network, make sure they don’t contain the words “Trump” and “sucks”.

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One Response to “#MDGA : Trump to launch domain appraisal services”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    “fake appraisals” ……..available to register LOL

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