Media Options : Nu.De domain buyer is app maker NudeApp

Earlier last month we covered the sale of the domain by Media Options.

The nice domain hack operating on a German dot .DE domain, demonstrates how ccTLDs can become strong brands.

Although the WHOIS information on the domain has not changed, the domain is now forwarding to, an app that serves as a “safe vault” for their owner’s adult photos online.

Featuring itself as “a secure vault for all your naughty pictures,” the Nude App will be available for iOS and Android users:

Get the app that automatically detects and securely locks all your naughty photos. Protect your privacy today with the Nude App!

There is no information about how much sold for. Perhaps they should spend $1,500 and buy on Sedo as well?

Hat tip: @domaineur

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One Response to “Media Options : Nu.De domain buyer is app maker NudeApp”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    My butler says “everything online is safe”

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