Hostifi / HSTF domain saga receives ccTLD finish

An entrepreneur’s quest to get the perfect URL shortener domain for his Hostifi business has come to an end. Not keen on spending $12,000 dollars for the domain name, the founder decided to go a different route. Perhaps, it didn’t help that he called out the domain seller’s asking price, willing to pay […]

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Domain sightings: Container Rental Co(mpany) and its branding options

Corporations that contain the word “Company” often shorten it to “Co” and in the case of Container Rental Company, their domain as seen below is Container Rental Company is a leading solid waste disposal service provider serving Central Florida. They pride themselves on delivering quality, personal service at competitive prices. Their customer base ranges […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Ethiopian domain hack was sold for five figures!

You gotta love domain hacks made with ccTLDs; in the case of the domain uses Ethiopia‘s two-letter code dot .et to form the “Net” keyword. It’s not exactly clear who bought the domain which was used in the past to run a URL shortener business. The domain was sold for mid five figures […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Biggest domain hack sale of all time?

Domain hacks form a word or a phrase by combining the keyword and the TLD, all while ignoring the dot. Such “hacks” – the original word for tricks or workarounds – often involve ccTLDs, top level domains of countries. For example, is our choice of a useful domain hack for “em dash.” We received […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : #Domain hack was hit with a #UDRP—What happened?

I bet you didn’t know .cloud domains existed: A French cloud services provider called Clever Cloud filed a UDRP against the domain The Complainant operates from the domain and registered the French trademark CLEVER CLOUD (Reg. No. 103757946, registered on August 2, 2010 in classes 9, 38, 39, 42) and has continuously used […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Details on the company that spent $50,000 dollars on it

It’s very rare that we hear LLL .in domains selling for five figures, and sold on Sedo for $50,000 dollars. The Indian ccTLD is used since its launch as a “brand” enhancer, and in this case it creates a domain hack effect, for “hop in.” Which company spent $50k on a .in domain? As […]

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“Domain squatters” have taken control of Kim DotCom’s expired #domain

The illustrious Kim Dotcom is still pondering his future after years of litigation, stemming from his MegaUpload project. It seems that one of Kim Dotcom’s precious domain assets,, has changed hands. The domain is on the Island of Man ccTLD and it apparently expired and dropped; it’s what is commonly known as a “domain […]

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Judicial .Watch : New gTLD #domain lost via the #UDRP process

The domain name Judicial.Watch, a new gTLD that uses the dot .watch TLD, has been transferred to the Complainant via the UDRP process. Registered in 2014, this “domain hack” uses the keyword and the gTLD to form a meaningful pair. When read from left to right, it matches JUDICIAL WATCH, a registered trademark. The panelist […]

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“Doggy” .style and how to get it right now!

New gTLDs open a wide window of opportunities to everything under the sun, such as Adolfo Grego’s “Simulating Life” art project. Did you know that you can register dot .Style domains? It’s one of many Donuts TLDs, and it’s all about – primarily – fashion. Unless you want to create some interesting domain hacks, such […]

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#Lime Scooters : A $2 billion valuation company running on a #domain hack!

Lime is a two year old scooter company that has secured $400 million dollars in investments, on a $2 billion valuation that excludes the fresh cash. Electric scooters have been getting a lot of global adoption, as they are more compact than electric bikes and portable. Many domain investors go gaga about generic dictionary words […]

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Got hacks? Last chance to submit your #domain name to #Sedo

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is running a domain hacks auction, and the submission deadline is on April 19th. This is your last chance to participate along with other domain investors who own such creative domain combinations that form words or phrases, by combining both sides of the dot. The approval process takes a few, so […]

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#Ukraine is full of non-existing #domain hacks and dashes

Europe is full of domain surprises, and Ukraine is about the get the scepter of oddness, as far as “domains in the wild” are concerned. Our friend Alexander Schubert is visiting the country, that offers a gastronomical smorgasbord to its open-minded visitors. As Alexander attests, one can buy a whole chicken at the market  – […]

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