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Judicial .Watch : New gTLD #domain lost via the #UDRP process

The domain name Judicial.Watch, a new gTLD that uses the dot .watch TLD, has been transferred to the Complainant via the UDRP process. Registered in 2014, this “domain hack” uses the keyword and the gTLD to form a meaningful pair. When read from left to right, it matches JUDICIAL WATCH, a registered trademark. The panelist […]

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Got beer ? This .Blog domain has a renewal fee of $125,000 dollars!

Beer is an ancient beverage that many a manly man enjoy. Some even blog about their favorite bottled spirit, that arrives in so many varieties, flavors and alcoholic content. Naturally, a great domain for discussing beer-related content, would be BeerBlog.com. Such two word composite .com domains can fetch a pretty penny when sold in the […]

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