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Miami club bouncers will safeguard the entrance to TRAFFIC

After ten years as the pioneering domain conference, TRAFFIC 2014 in Miami, Florida defines the end of an era, and the beginning of another.

Co-founder Rick Schwartz, started TRAFFIC in 2004 and it soon became the de facto domain conference, attended by thousands of domain professionals over the course of a decade.

TRAFFIC parties are legendary, and some sneaky individuals have attempted in the past to just attend the parties and start passing business cards around, avoiding the attendance fee.

But have no hope this sneaky method can be used ever again.

“Well folks, this is it, I’m going out with a big blast and if you think you can just show up at the TRAFFIC party to network having not bought a ticket, you have another thing coming!” exclaimed Rick Schwartz.

“There will be several big dudes safeguarding the show, you will notice them as they form a wall of protection to keep cheapskates out. So come on over, buy a ticket and enjoy the parties in a legit way!” added Schwartz.

The bottom line: you can still register for TRAFFIC 2014, if you want to attend the party.

Don’t be sneaky!

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