Microsoft: Duane Forrester returns to Bing!

Duane Forrester (left) at the US Search Awards.

Duane Forrester (left) at the US Search Awards.

Great news for SEO fans worldwide!

Search Engine and marketing wizard, Duane Forrester, returned to his good old spot at Bing – less than two months after he was laid off due to Microsoft’s “restructuring”.

Apparently, Microsoft – mother company of Bing – realized what a grave mistake they made, when they let Duane Forrester go in October.

Forrester was swamped by several opportunities, but his loyalty to Bing survived the flood of apparent job offers; he now returns to writing Bing’s Webmaster Tools blog, along with other duties at Bing.

Duane Forrester was a popular keynote speaker at NamesCon 2014, where he delivered the closing speech as well. He is often compared to Matt Cutts of Google, in terms of personality recognition and popularity with the community of SEO professionals.

Congratulations Duane, hope to see you at NamesCon 2015 as well! πŸ˜€

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