Mike Mann schools Reddit thread commentators on domain names

.OMGLOL failed to attract the compassion of ICANN officials.

OMG LOL domains!

Expressing strong anti-domainer sentiment isn’t exactly new for Reddit members; the commentators typically question anyone’s motives if they own domains for profit, using uncouth language.

A new thread about domain names references Mike Mann’s name and history as a person who either registered and let drop thousands of domains, or registered them and sold them for profit.

“There is a guy called Mike Mann who registered 15000(?) .com domains back when they were free but had to let them go when hit with a $100 per domain annual renewal fee.”

Even Frank Schilling appears to be a popular icon among those “outside of the game”:

“Look up Frank Schilling. He’s quite the .com guru in my mind. He also wrote a book, or a blog, or something along those lines that describes how he did it. Now his net worth is ~$500 million.”

Some of the comments about domains are hilarious, here are some references:

  • “How was it $100 for domain renewal? To my knowledge domain renewals have never been more than around $10”
  • “I registered a five-letter domain name back in the day. If I’d renewed, I bet it would be worth a fortune.”
  • “I remember Mike. He was the mann.”
  • “That’s why I’d have bought ip addresses. Who cares about domains”

Naturally, the thread ends with obligatory anti-domainer venom:

Fuck domain squatters.”


Mike Mann’s anonymous participation in the discussion appears to have added fuel to the fire:

“I like a good fight”, said Mike on Facebook.

For the full Reddit thread about domains and the distant past, click here.



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