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Mike Mann wants $3000 dollars for a Greek goat

Katsika - A Greek goat.

Katsika – A Greek goat.

Goats are the source of many nutrients in the food chain – as long as one isn’t a vegetarian.

Goat meat is leaner than lamb and beef, and when cooked right possesses a rich flavor that hints of Christmas and Easter feasts combined.

In Greece, the best feta cheese is made from goat milk, or a combination of goat and sheep milk – definitely not from cows. The same goes for yogurt, which has nothing to do with the processed crap sold as “Greek yogurt” in the US.

In the US, goats are raised primarily to graze on little plots of land, and to justify their owner’s lower taxing of that land as “agricultural.”

It came as no surprise that domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, wants $3,000 dollars for a Greek goat.

We’re referring to the domain name Katsika.com, which is the Greek word for female goat.

For $3,000 one might get a small herd of goats, which go for between $100 – $300 per goat depending on their size and breeding capabilities.

But it would not be the same as owning Katsika.com. 😀

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2 Responses to “Mike Mann wants $3000 dollars for a Greek goat”
  1. Katsika katsika, glykia mou pitsirika…

  2. DomainGang says:

    Now discounted at $1,888 dollars.

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