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Mike Mann wants $3000 dollars for a Greek goat

Goats are the source of many nutrients in the food chain – as long as one isn’t a vegetarian. Goat meat is leaner than lamb and beef, and when cooked right possesses a rich flavor that hints of Christmas and Easter feasts combined. In Greece, the best feta cheese is made from goat milk, or […]

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Amir Sah Abdalla: From rags to riches in domaining

Amir Sah Abdalla is on the up-and-up this week. The former sheepherder from Pakistan has been making a killing, only a year after he left behind his beloved sheep in Karachi’s outskirts, to become a full-time domainer. Amir lived a hard life caring for his father’s sheep and goats since he was 7 years old. […]

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