Mike Mann’s secret weapon is a custom made power drink!

Mike Mann registered 13,140 domains in one day – a feat that sets a new world record, even among uber-domainers, such as Rick Schwartz, Frank Schilling and Dr. Kevin Ham (known as ‘the man who owns the Internet’).

But how did he do it?

Mike Mann’s secret weapon – other than his intricately wired neurons – is a special power drink.

The concoction, temporarily named “Da Mann“, is a mix of special ingredients that provide a constant flow of energy, from early in the am to the small hours of the night.

Mike consumes four to seven cups a day, depending on the amount of work he’s trying to achieve.

The ingredients include some, none or all of the following:

  • Taurine, found in breast milk.
  • Evian water.
  • Red Bull XL.
  • Colombian caffeine.
  • Spanish fly.
  • Kosher pickle juice.
  • Greek honey.
  • Nuts.
  • Vitamins W, I and N.

The portions of these ingredients are unknown and the mix has not been confirmed by the Food and Drug Administration to provide pharmaceutical benefits. Still, Mike Mann sticks to the original formula’s properties, calling them “astoundingly invigorating“.

The “Da Mann” power drink is not available at stores but one can find such references in Mike Mann’s book, Make Millions and Make Change.


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