Minting NFTs? Don’t use subdomains

If you’re rolling out a fun new NFT, such as the Paradise Trippies, there’s one thing you should not do.

No, it’s not about how many pre-minting (aka whitelisted) passes you give away, something that the Metasaurs NFT went all in.

Once you choose the main domain that represents your NFT, don’t use subdomains. For some reason, it’s a common practice to roll out the minting segment of the NFT’s web site on a “mint” subdomain.

For example, points its mint function to the subdomain

By pointing that part of your NFT launch to a subdomain, not only you’re losing SEO juice but you’re opening a window to phishers, scammers, and other cybercriminals that might attempt to take advantage of the split domain.

How so, you might ask.

Very simply, someone can then register the joint domain, in this case, and quickly confuse eager participants of the minting process, or later on. Luckily, in this case, the Paradise Trippies crew listened to our advice and registered the domain for themselves.

Instead of using a subdomain, just use a separate page or structure on the same domain, such as Not only it confines the mint to the same domain but it also adds to the expected SEO juice for the domain name

For the record, the Paradise Trippies NFT is using some other domains as part of its launch portfolio, that are pointed to


Happy minting! 😀

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  1. BullS says:

    What are they selling ?

    Are the selling coconuts and seashells on the beach?

    When I think of Paradise, I think of lying on the beaches in Guam, Palau , or somewhere in the Pacific Ocean eating coconut meat and fishing.

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