Moniker to transfer domain management development to Uniregistry

After weeks of a painful transition to a new domain management system, Moniker has called it quits, and it’s hiring new database developers and back-end designers for its domain management system.

“The German database programmers drank beer and watched the World Cup on TV for the past 30 days, it was impossible to get things done,” said Maurice Populic of Key Systems.

“We should have known better, that rolling out a new domain management system is a task best suited for professional developers,” added Populic.

Moniker will now turn to the turn-key solutions offered by Uniregistry, Frank Schilling’s popular domain registrar; the latter, has been built from the ground up to provide efficient domain management and ease of use.

“Frank’s been an absolute driving force in the domain field, we recognize that,” said Maurice Populic, adding: “Why re-invent the wheel when it’s already been invented in the Caymans?”

The NEW new Moniker will be under re-development very soon, before the NFL kicks off in the US.

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