Morgan Linton filming ‘LOTR’ spoof prequel in New Zealand

Domain investor Morgan Linton made the big announcement today, a mere three days after April Fool’s day in order to avoid confusion.

“I’m currently shooting on location in New Zealand,” said Morgan in his usual staccato, to the point style. “The prequel to Lord of the Rings, with a modern technology twist, of course, about SEO and minisite development” he added, wielding his sharpened sword around.

Lord of SEO - A spoof prequel to Lord of the Rings, starring Morgan Linton.

The film, shot in the same backdrops as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, will be Morgan Linton’s first endeavor into the movie industry. Paramount Pictures is producing the film – “Lord of SEO” – with a sponsorship from Ali Ahmet Alibrahim, an investor from Saudi Arabia.

Morgan Linton will be playing Freebo Parkins, a domain gambler from the little village of Appraiso, who lost the shirt off his back in silly domain registrations, as he sets forth to conquer the world wide web in his quest for the Domainer Ring.

Post-production will begin in a week and the movie will hit select theaters in May.

We can’t wait! 😀

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