Network Solutions : Domain discount promo ends with massive mess

A Network Solutions domain promo offering “free domain transfers” attracted dozens of domainers.

The free domain transfer promotion by NetSol, used a coupon code, FREETRNSFEROCT, to facilitate what was supposed to be a controlled amount of domain transfers.

Soon after, the domain coupon code was shared on social media and domain forums, such as NamePros, becoming viral; hundreds of domain transfers were initiated by domain investors, seeking to get a free transfer – and renewal – of their domains.

Some transfers were never initiated, others did not complete, and many domainers shared stories of having their Network Solutions accounts locked temporarily. While the promo has now ended, there is no clear conclusion on pending domain transfers, some investors are waiting for a full week.

Said one NamePros member:

“Never worked for me, and it’s ending today so I don’t plan to try again. I do imagine that with effort I could have made it happen for some domains, but I suppose I wasn’t willing to put in that degree of effort especially after reading here that the effort resulted in the locking up some of your NSOL accounts, or transfers to NSOL that remained pending and never went through. “

Another complained of a blocked NetSol account:

“My netsol account being blocked right now. I called the support and they said that due to high amount of transfer in of domain names into my netsol account they have to block my account(they are suspecting some fraud they said) and my account will resume to normal on this 2nd of october.”

Others shared their personal experience with the Network Solutions domain coupon snafu:

“I did 232 transfers to NS. I only got the transfer emails for 11 of them. NS has cancelled and now completely erased all the other transfers from even showing under transfer status in my account. I got emails 15 hours ago that those 11 transfers were complete, but none of them are even listed in my account yet. “

Some blamed the fail of mass transfers to greed, exceeding a domain or two:

“I mean good god you guys really abused the crap out of it lol. My 1 domain transfer was successful and no emails or anything about account being locked. This is why we can’t have nice things hahahaha.”

Pricing for transfers to Network Solutions has gone back to $9.99 and it seems that there is still an ongoing mess to resolve with the promo that ended.

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3 Responses to “Network Solutions : Domain discount promo ends with massive mess”
  1. Robert says:

    Prom ended? Still works for me! hahahahalololol

  2. Robert says:

    Actually I lied, looks like it shut off today, but i got a few more in as recently as yesterday

  3. Anonymous says:

    You couldn’t PAY ME to transfer my domains to NetSol, 1&1 or any other of those moronic “registrars”.

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