New ‘bobblehead’ 3D holographic service provides TRAFFIC exposure to domainers

Holographic video service for domainers.

Holographic video service for domainers.

Not everyone can attend a major domain conference every time; even Morgan Linton will be sipping mango shakes on the hospitable California beaches instead, in-between working with wife Daina towards the Fashion Metric success.

Other domainers have obligations with family, church BBQs and Sunday soccer matches to attend, can’t find a babysitter for their cat and other such important obstacles in life.

And that’s fine, but a new service by Warren Royal of is about to change all that.

“We are getting lots of inquiries from domainers that are too embarrassed for not attending TRAFFIC this or that year,” said Warren Royal, while demonstrating an articulated Rick Schwartz bobblehead.

“The new service, TRAFFIC Heads 3D Holo, will ensure you get the social and domain industry exposure that you deserve as a domainer!” exclaimed Royal.

TRAFFIC Heads 3D Holo will utilize state of the art holographic technology, to immerse your full body – not just the head – into video footage from the TRAFFIC domain conference, after-parties and even awkward bathroom encounters.

“Whether you want to appear high-fiving Frank Schilling with beer in hand, or sharing the same breakfast table with Elliot Silver, Adam Dicker and Howard Neu, our TRAFFIC Heads 3D Holo service is affordable and real fun to order,” said Warren Royal.

The holographic inclusion of your image to the video footage must be clothed appropriately, so ensure that you look at your best prior to submitting the required photographs that will form your hologram.

TRAFFIC Heads 3D Holo is available now from


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  1. Excitemental says:

    3d Holographic video, cue the domain registrations…. 🙂

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