New Minds+Machines domain campaign targets dot .Horse gTLD

A new marketing campaign by gTLD sweethearts, Minds+Machines, focuses on one of its gTLD assets, dot .Horse.

The campaign appears in the Financial Times, Forbes, GQ and Fortune 500 magazines, all of which carry half page advertisements.

The end result is quite effective.

“With this domain campaign, we are targeting the educated professionals, executives that appreciate good humor as much as we do,” said marketing director, Roger Phillips.

“The Minds+Machines campaign helps instill the notion that domain names aren’t abstract entities, but represent real life situations and events, such as the one depicted in the campaign,” added Phillips.

Known for its effective marketing campaigns, in late 2013 Minds+Machines shocked the domain community with its “Dot .com is dead” promotion that ruffled many a domainer feather.


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