Nigerians favor .com over the national ccTLD dot .NG

Microsoft now owns - the Nigerian domain hack.

Microsoft owns – the Nigerian domain hack.

According to data coming from the Nigeria Communication Week, corporations in Nigeria don’t use their .NG domains, if they own the .com already.

Despite efforts by the local authorities to promote .NG domains by corporations and businesses, the cost of changing from an existing TLD such as dot .com prohibits quick adoption of the ccTLD.

Companies take into account the overall rebranding cost, such as changing company letterhead, branded documents and business cards, before considering the move to .NG.

Even those that register .NG domains do so as a URL forwarder to their existing domain name, typically ending in .com.

Another reason .NG domains aren’t quite adopted yet, is that the Nigerian domain Registry, NiRA, keeps roughly 30,000 premium domains “stamped” with a Naira 50,000 ($300 USD) fee, while regular prices are at Naira 15,000 ($92 USD).

This approach might also hinder the adoption of gTLD domains by the general public, if the Registries keep them at artificially inflated premium prices.

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2 Responses to “Nigerians favor .com over the national ccTLD dot .NG”
  1. jide says:

    That’s right. We don’t use it because of the cost attached to it. That extension is the world’s most expensive among cctld and they are yet to give any explanation for that.

  2. dltG says:

    Nigeria is known for 419 scams, I think the majority of businesses use .com rather than .ng because .com is trustworthy.

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