No husband swap for these two Domainer wives!

Most domainer men cherish their wives. And why shouldn’t they? Domainer wives – such as Mia Mood – provide the necessary balance in every domainer’s household.

Earlier today, Elliot Silver publicly congratulated his wife via his blog, for her academic achievements, an awesome gesture.

Meanwhile, this video below of Chef Patrick and his lovely wife boarding the ship for DNCruise clearly shows who wears the pants in the family! That heavy box should have been carried by Chef instead 😉

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5 Responses to “No husband swap for these two Domainer wives!”
  1. chris says:

    still nice to see decent people out there.
    kudos to the wives follow their crazy husbands that goes nuts for names 🙂

  2. KD says:

    His wife is the one wearing the pants, she’s carrying a box of Green Kryptonite and the chef ain’t smiling 🙂

  3. Chef Patrick says:

    LOL…the box was filled with .co flying pigs, about 1 pound in total.

  4. Zezura says:

    His nails are waaaaay prettier than mine. 😉

  5. DonW says:

    Chef doesn’t need a box to cover his cleavage, yet.

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