No more ‘Joint Ventures’ for North Koreans

Kim Jong Un, leader of the totalitarian nation of North Korea, declared all “joint ventures” null and void, as of today.

Speaking at a dinner attended by Chinese politicians and technocrats, Kim Jong Un said in a stern voice:

“American capitalists threaten the existence of the hard-working peoples of Korea, by introducing devious schemes to infiltrate the production line of seed investors, farmers and our glorious army. This will be ended by force, if necessary; the nuclear capabilities of our great nation of Korea will show the imperialist pigs of the West what Korea can do to defend its glorious history and financial independence. FokoYo!”

The latter, means “f-you” in Korean, a clear indication that communist Korea is preparing an all-out war against American ‘joint venture’ investors, among which are domainers.

Joint ventures are fubar in North Korea.

Joint ventures are fubar in North Korea.

Upon hearing the news, Rick Schwartz declined to comment, stating that he does not recognize North Korea as a nation, even though he still likes Dennis Rodman.

Lost joint ventures with North Koreans will take a toll of 0.0078% in world trade, according to World Trade Organization data. The numbers for domains should be significantly less.


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