North Korea aims rockets at ICANN 46 conference

The ICANN 46 agenda was disrupted earlier today, after news of an imminent North Korean missile launch made it to Beijing. Recent threats by North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, to take down the Internet were seen with a skeptical eye at first. Meanwhile, ICANN 46 participants aren’t taking any chances. “I don’t know what […]

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North Korea threatens to shut down the Internet!

In a new, brazen statement that reeks of hubris to the world, Kim Jong Un – the North Korean leader-by-birth – announced the imminent destruction of the Internet. “Capitalist America is corrupting the values of the people of the great Korean nation, and displays hatred towards its great military fighters,” said Kim Jong Un, calmly […]

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No more ‘Joint Ventures’ for North Koreans

Kim Jong Un, leader of the totalitarian nation of North Korea, declared all “joint ventures” null and void, as of today. Speaking at a dinner attended by Chinese politicians and technocrats, Kim Jong Un said in a stern voice: “American capitalists threaten the existence of the hard-working peoples of Korea, by introducing devious schemes to […]

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Domain Dictator Dies Dramatic Death

North Korea’s Kim Jong Il has died – the long term dictator ruled North Korea for the past 17 years; in other words, the entire span of the commercial Internet so far! The Domain Dictator Kim Jong Il created a legendary Internet black hole in Asia by depriving the people of North Korea not only […]

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The news of an ongoing tension bringing the two Korean nations – North Korea and South Korea – to the brink of a war, has not affected at all the content of the portal Despite its sizable traffic and reach to millions of Koreans worldwide, seems to be less focused on politics, if […]

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