Dot .KP domains : North Korea ups its Internet access thanks to Russian ISP

North Korea isn’t quite a black hole on the Internet anymore; the world’s latest nuclear-capable nation seems to be gaining more access. Recently, TransTeleCom, a major Russian telecommunications provider, became the second Internet pipeline to North Korea. Until October 1st, only China provided Internet access to North Korea, and by having two providers, North Korea […]

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North Korean UDRP Respondent threatens to nuke ICANN

The ICANN multi-steakeholder model office is in red alert today, after a UDRP Respondent made plausible threats over the Internet. North Korean UDRP Respondent, Shing Ping Kim, lashed out at both the WIPO and ICANN, after his domain was taken away. Citing the imminent launch of nuclear laden intercontinental ballistic missiles from North Korea, Shing […]

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The news of an ongoing tension bringing the two Korean nations – North Korea and South Korea – to the brink of a war, has not affected at all the content of the portal Despite its sizable traffic and reach to millions of Koreans worldwide, seems to be less focused on politics, if […]

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