North Korea aims rockets at ICANN 46 conference

ICANN 46 is under threat from North Korea.

ICANN 46 is under threat from North Korea.

The ICANN 46 agenda was disrupted earlier today, after news of an imminent North Korean missile launch made it to Beijing.

Recent threats by North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, to take down the Internet were seen with a skeptical eye at first.

Meanwhile, ICANN 46 participants aren’t taking any chances.

“I don’t know what the heck I was thinking to travel all the way to China on the brink of global war,” said Tim Muller, CEO of Domains Right This Minute, Inc.

“That crazy asshole, Kim Jong Un, is putting us all under a nuclear sword of Damocles!” exclaimed Muller.

Meanwhile, fragmented announcements from North Korea made the news in strictly government-controlled Beijing:

In part, they read:

“…Internet terror…American capitalist pigs invading China…ICANN is a terrorist organization…they will suffer the mighty wrath of our glorious leader, Kim Jong Un.”

There was no mention of any specific acts by North Korea in order to disrupt the Internet or ICANN 46 in Beijing; meanwhile, anyone at the conference is advised to carry with them duct tape, a gas mask and a small pack of iodine pills.


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