Non .com #domain sightings: ClearWay .GR

Domain sightings are encounters with domain names, “in the wild.” By chance, we often run into domain names in the real world, as they appear on buildings, vehicles, and products.

We group these domain sightings into two categories: dot .com domain sightings, and everything else.

Today, we ran into a Greek dot .GR domain in Greece, where the local ccTLD is very popular as compared to .com.

ClearWay is a company that provides multi-level, professional cleaning services, and they operate from the domain name ClearWay.GR.

There is no chance for confusion with the .com, as the latter provides cellular services.

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2 Responses to “Non .com #domain sightings: ClearWay .GR”
  1. Being a car guy, I noticed the license plate frame also has a .gr on it…I went to each of these websites just to check them out and I find it very interesting to see the url is in English yet the sites themselves in this case are in the native language greek… I have seen this before…English url and native language website…very interesting…and excellent value booster for English domain names no matter what the extension…imho

  2. DomainGang says:

    Hey Eric – That’s correct, IDN domains are not popular in general, and virtually unknown in Greece. Some web sites are bilingual but most are targeting just Greek audience.

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