Not so Despicable .me: Speedtest keyword sells for a small chunk was just sold. was just sold.

Behold, all ye despicable minions!

When the movie Despicable Me hit the theaters in 2010, it became an overnight success. Very creatively, the film producers used the Montenegrin .Me ccTLD to promote the movie, from the URL Despicable.Me.

Since then, the .Me ccTLD has been used on numerous occasions to create ‘domain hacks‘ that include the “me” keyword. Google treats .me domains as generic, non-specific to the country of Montenegro, in the same way that .Co domains are handled.

Meanwhile, the domain name has just been sold on Sedo, for the sum of $6,000.

Not a bad price for a hand-registered domain that Greek domainer, Makis Mourelatos was able to secure in 2008.

The buyer appears to be a middle-man for Ookla, providers of speed tests and other online metrics web sites.

Congratulations, Makis, for the impressive ROI on

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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