Nude Bobble Heads: The market is ripe for domain investments

Four years ago, when Link Yin formed her bobble head company in Beijing, China, she took a government loan of 40,000 yuan – about $6500 in today’s prices.

Having achieved gross earnings of $1.2 million in 2012, Bob-A-Head Inc. is one of China’s fastest producers of bobble head memorabilia figures.

“We launch now nude bobble head, market in US for fun expand,” says Link Yin, who is currently employing a permanent workforce of 12, with remote workers during the peak season.

“Funny old American look naked so bobble head nude is gag gift, haha!” exclaims Link Yin.

The initial range of nude bobble heads will include famous couples, such as Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliette, and Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Priced at $12 each for quantities of 50 and up, the nude bobble heads are produced using the latest in 3D printing technology.

“Printer in 3d produce clean image, we add nipple color and pube of nude bobble head easy,” says Link Yin. “For option size penis natural or oversize if customer have donkey size and women no problem go 36DD bobbles,” explains Link Yin.

Nude Bobble heads will be available for domainers too; if you have placed your order in the past, now it’s the time to get a nude bobble head variant and be the envy of your domainer friends.


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