Paulina Arantes do Nascimento: Domaining in Brazil is a hard biz

The World Cup in Brazil has helped bring out the best of Brazilian domain investors.

Reluctant to discuss their business after the case, Brazilians are now opening up to the rest of the domaining world.

Brazilian domain investor, Paulina Arantes do Nascimento operates her investment firm, Dominios do Brasil from Rio de Janeiro, and is projecting domain sales of $1.2 million dollars this year.

“Success come and face of world understand domain and soccer, with blessing of Jesus, investment multiply but sorry about Neymar hurt, bad loss!” says Paulina, who is a big fan of team Brazil.

Just like dozens of other Brazilian domainers, Paulina Arantes do Nascimento uses techniques that might raise eyebrows in the US.

“I have large brazucas, and make contact client sell domain, no hard sell with view!” exclaims Paulina, laughing joyfully.

“When man see brazucas, they know is fun times, many after want dinner or more, but I wink no if escrow no complete,” adds Paulina, who won’t see clients on a date unless the deal is 100% complete.

With World Cup 2014 in soccer reaching its final week in Brazil, many domainers will capitalize on Paulina’s modus operandi and help shed the bad image created by Márcio Mello of fame.


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