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Praise war! DomainBrokers slated to make a fortune in the near future

Artsy.net sends nice traffic to Artsy.com

Artsy.net sends nice traffic to Artsy.com

DomainBrokersoperating from DomainBrokers.com – is slated to make a fortune in the not so distant future, and the reason is war.

How would war be responsible for an upcoming financial success, you may ask?


The conflict in Syria has escalated tremendously during the recent weeks. There are almost 60,000 casualties in this dirty civil war and there is not a single country that supports the Syrian regime.

An up and coming start-up, Artsy, had been using the “domain hack” Art.sy for its main web site, but did a conscious switch from the Syrian ccTLD.

According to their profile:

“Art.sy does for art what Pandora does for music, creating links between works based on style, era, movement and theme to help users curate their own personal online viewing spaces.”

In order to avoid surprises of downtime, Artsy switched to Artsy.net; meanwhile, Artsy.com is being brokered by DomainBrokers. 😉

Such high traffic web sites definitely leak traffic to the .com counterpart, and that’s a blessing for the owners of Artsy.com. Until 2010, they appeared to be none other than Vertical Axis, but currently WHOIS information for the domain is protected.

We’re anticipating a sale of seven figures in the future, for Artsy.com and a sizable brokerage fee for DomainBrokers.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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