Ragazzo Greciano : LLLL .com not dead, #Chinese buyers coming back from LLLLL and LLLLLL

The last report by Ragazzo Greciano, the prolific domain analysis expert from Napoli, Italy, was about his single and two letter .com marketplace.

Greciano’s SuperLiquid Domains Report, uses High Tech Domain Analytic Heuristics (HTAH) to perform live analysis on domain sales; the busy domain analyst is enthusiastic about the future of four letter .com domains.

He recently visited Santorini, in Greece:

“When believe a dream, more happen and pray. See how China buyers move from LLLL to LLLLL, LLLLLL and LLLLLLLLL even, I thought, mama mia, so stupid. Now peoples invest come back, is Q4/2018 the best! No, Q1/2019 more best!”

Ragazzo Greciano in Santorini, Greece.

The latest data from sales of LLLL .com domains show that 99% of Chinese buyers are going away from crypto, leaving behind even the money-making black rice domains. Such valuable data is recorded live by Ragazzo Greciano’s expert domain tools, that monitor the keystrokes of about 500 million Chinese Internet users.

“Yes, live data is how we know, when woman in Beijing types .com, when man in Shanghai switch keyboard to CN and enter LLLL .com, when peoples visit DNJournal.it we keep datas, is so simple!” exclaims Greciano.

The new report solidifies previously unreleased information about the future of domain investing, enhancing the financial and negotiation position of many domain investors who had given up – temporarily – on the LLLL .com niche sustainability. Greciano’s valuable contribution to the domain community echoes the pious voices of his ancestors, honest farmers from Napoli.

“If LLLL .com offer to sell today, I ask, no, hold tomorrow – more money, with patience and read report for Q1/2019 or risk leaving money on the sofa, capiche?” says Ragazzo Greciano, gesticulating.

For the latest report, visit DNJournal.it.

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