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Ragazzo Greciano : “Many LLL .com domain are a-wortha zero”

In what appears to be shocking news to many hard-working domain investors, a new industry analysis is ruffling many a feather.

Ragazzo Greciano, established domain analyst from Napoli, Italy, published a report on the current value of LLL .com domains.

In a nutshell, they are worthless.

“I calculate, the price for Chinese buyer, and extrapolate the – how you say – possibilita of UDRP across a decade. Resultati molto incredibile!” said Ragazzo Greciano.

“With hope, that LLL .com ascend as dominio of old Italian lira, which I miss, and euro expensive. Dot .com bring value, but ma che cazzo! It drop!” added Greciano, gesticulating wildly.

The huge drop in LLL .com values is the aftermath of being recycled among Chinese domain investors.


Once caught in a game of continuous trading for a few extra dollars of profit, the LLL .com microcode gets worn out, eventually, rendering the domain worthless.

“Old LLL .com domains, registered before 2000, have some problematic core routines that can’t be patched,” said Linus Dolby, Verisign programmer.

“Newer LLL .com domains contain an upgraded BIOS and we can patch any command modules through the primary bootloader, if that makes sense,” added Dolby.

Domain investors eager to acquire LLL .com domains should check the registration date. Anything before January 1, 2000 should be considered unpatchable, and thus, worthless to invest in.

Surely, a big shocker for many domain investors around the world.

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