#Randator : An one stop brand generator for #domains and social media handles

There are plenty of domain name generators out there, and the latest one is called Randator.

This one combines brand and domain generation with the availability of social media handles – a must, if you want to expand your presence beyond the web.

Using Randator.com requires the typing of two or three keywords, in order to trigger its AI-generated output.

Once provided, the brand generator spits out domain names that are created intelligently: by forming new words formed from parts of the keywords. You can then check the availability of individual brands, TLDs, and social media handles for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The Randator tool also allows you to look up an individual domain and check its availability along with the matching social media handles.

It’s a useful, fun tool that would enable you to register domains that are brandable. Check it out on Randator.com.

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