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Rick Schwartz hints of .TRAFFIC gTLD on ‘cabana’ day


With TRAFFIC Las Vegas just a day away, many domainers took advantage of the great weather on Memorial Day to arrive in Vegas a day early.

Sporting shorts, flip flops and ‘wife beater‘ shirts, domainers let loose and sipped piña coladas at the shady cabanas, by the beautiful Bellagio pool.


After a few drinks and lots of laughs, Rick Schwartz’s plans of launching his own gTLD, dot .TRAFFIC, were inadvertently leaked.

“Listen folks, I know I’ve been hammering on the gTLDs like a woodpecker on a tree, but the truth is I have plans,” said Rick Schwartz, stretching on a pool chair.

“My first investment would have been in .guru, .rich and .luxury, but then I thought, why waste money like the dot .club clowns, and not register my own gTLD? Makes sense!” added Schwartz, soaking in the Vegas sunshine.

The dot .TRAFFIC application will ensure that all traffic references, such as road traffic, vacation traffic and of course, domain traffic, will find their natural destination to a variety of quality dot .TRAFFIC domains.

“I don’t plan to milk the goat like Donuts does, all dot .TRAFFIC domains will be priced reasonably and without any silly tier and pre-registration bullshit domainers hate. We won’t do that kind of crap, it’s a joint venture that will deliver time after time, after time!” said Rick Schwartz.

Clearly, the decision to step away from the Donuts, Inc. pricing model might turn dot .TRAFFIC into the next big gTLD of 2014.

Don’t forget to visit the TRAFFIC web site; the agenda includes gTLDs for the first time since the domain conference started a decade ago.

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8 Responses to “Rick Schwartz hints of .TRAFFIC gTLD on ‘cabana’ day”
  1. brand says:

    Really, going to start his own new extension now.
    I like rick Schwartz, i watch the sherpa show every week, love the show.
    I love it because he is on there, i respect ricks opinion a lot.
    I also love the fact that he has stood strong against the new gTLDs and has not registered a one.
    Now your saying he’s going to start his own extension .traffic?, seem hypocritical to me after watching him laugh every week when they talk about the total numbers that have been registered in the new gTLD space.
    Now i ask you how many words left of the dot can up come up with on his .traffic, that’s going to be any better that all the other hundreds that are out, and with more to come.
    I have to say, i’m disappointed to hear this.

  2. DomainGang says:

    brand – It’s a parody post, have a laugh 🙂

  3. Jothan says:

    I was laughing on this, and I realize this is parody, but I did want to clarify for readers about one thing… I have spoken to Rick Schwartz about .club and he would never refer to them as clowns.

    I know for a fact Rick speaks very respectfully of .club and he’s outspoken about them being a TLD that is doing their launch correctly AND demonstrating the value of marketing a string, similar to how the .VEGAS and others who are supporting the domain development community.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Jothan – Glad you saw the humor in this post; parody stresses parts of context like a caricature does for portraits. 😀

  5. brand says:

    Thank you, i was hoping this was a joke, THANK YOU….., now i can sleep tonight.

  6. DomainGang says:

    brand – Do not sleep tonight, dot .Ninja will arrive in the dark. Be vigilant.

  7. Googst says:

    Didn’t fool me. Rick is a smart guy and would never do something so stupid.

  8. DomainGang says:

    Googst – Glad to see your intelligence surpasses your sense of humor.

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