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Rob Monster off Twitter after #Christchurch massacre controversy

The mosque massacre in Christchurch cost the lives of many innocent people, caused by a heinous murderer promoting nazi ideology.

In the middle of this terrible human loss, a domain registrar’s founder took a stance separate from his company’s past support of right-wing agenda, in the name of “freedom of speech.”

In a Twitter exchange, Epik founder, Rob Monster, “mixed business with politics,” related to the ideology of the group inflicting the Christchurch massacre.

Monster was criticized for picking and choosing “freedom of speech” incidents, as Epik apparently did not welcome to host such extremist content domains.

Currently, Rob Monster’s Twitter account appears to have been disabled or even deleted. When visiting Twitter.com/robmonster a message from Twitter notifies visitors that the page does not exist. All of Rob Monster’s tweets are thus unavailable, including the one below:

It is not clear what exactly is going on and why Rob Monster’s Twitter account is inactive. An active exchange on the Epik Twitter account might help shedding some light.

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3 Responses to “Rob Monster off Twitter after #Christchurch massacre controversy”
  1. BullS says:


    Enabler of hatred.

    So sad he is in my city…..

  2. DN Playbook says:

    You can’t hide behind the guise of “free speech” for just anything and everything.

    If it’s outside of the norms of society, basic decency, and humanity, then it’s not free speech anymore. Some consider child pornography a form of free speech.

    Rob Monster lost all of his respect and credibility, sorry to say. And Epik comes to his defense.

    Unfortunately, his tweet with the live link to the video is still cached on Google search results. Here is that tweet, judge for yourself:

    “And while you are at it, here is the shooter’s video, also now on IPFS and also accessible through any IPFS gateway:


    While I definitely do not condone violence, maybe discerning eyes will decipher the use of symbols and runes.”

    Really, Rob, with so many unarmed innocents (including children and elderly) killed by a lunatic coward, you are encouraging people to watch the video and pay attention to the use of symbols and runes? I can’t wrap my head around that.

  3. XYZ says:

    We are sorry to see this in our industry… Please visit http://www.Give.Monster and donate to support victims of the horrific Christchurch shootings. Thank you for your support.

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