Rod Beckstrom bids farewell

Rod Beckstrom is now history as CEO of ICANN.

Rod Beckstrom, the outgoing CEO of ICANN bid farewell today to the Internet community he served since June 2009.

In a blog post, he passed the baton to interim CEO, Akram Atallah whose tenure ends October 1st, whereupon Fadi Chehade takes over.

Said Beckstrom:

“These have been three of the busiest, most intense years in a rich and varied career I have been fortunate to have. ICANN has always been caught in the middle of a global storm of politics surrounding the root of the Internet, and these three years have been no different.”

Whether Rod Beckstrom succeeded in taking the Internet to the next level or assisted in increasing its complexity, will remain to be seen, as ICANN still grapples with issues regarding the allocation of gTLDs.

Meanwhile, Rod Beckstrom will be on vacation with his family – at an undisclosed location.

Read the full blog post here.

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