Sergei Putanov: No “shitty Russian code” in epic leak

Russian domainer and billionaire, Sergei Putanov

Russian oligarch and billionaire domain investor, Sergei Putanov, did not mince his words on Russia’s internet today.

Directing his comments to the CEO of the massive (epic) data breach that leaked millions of personal domain records, Sergei Putanov said:

“I hear ignorant monster man talk about ‘Shitty Russian code’ that programmer coded, but is fake propaganda news, hello Americans!

In mother Russia we educate and train proud programmer and code app that hide in ransomware of meat factory. How is monster man talk for shitty Russian code when is opposite?”

Sergei Putanov then lit a cigar and continued his speech at the state-operated media of Yekaterinburg:

“No Russia code is shitty, maybe mans monster man hired from Ukraine. Or Russian American boys from Chicago. No good. But listen, monster man, I break leg of man who insult Mother Russia best programmer and make epic memory!”

It was yet another direct threat by Sergei Putanov whose lifestyle has baffled many other rich entrepreneurs in the US.

Seriously though, “shitty Russian code” sounds like a way to not take responsibility for the epic data leak.

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2 Responses to “Sergei Putanov: No “shitty Russian code” in epic leak”
  1. BullS says:

    Where can we view the ‘Shitty Russian code”?

  2. DomainGang says:

    BullS – You have to ask the ignorant monster man, per Sergei.

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