Sergei Putanov on new gTLDs: “фуцк ыоу, ИЦАНН!”

Domain investor, Sergei Putanov, hearing the bad news from ICANN.

Domain investor, Sergei Putanov, hearing the bad news from ICANN.

Long time real estate and Internet property investor, Sergei Putanov, does not mince his words.

When it comes down to the valuable rolling out of new gTLDs, the Russian multi-billionaire with an appetite for buxom Ukrainian models is ready to “break leg” of those that stand in his way.

“фуцк ыоу, ИЦАНН! Yob tvoyiu mat!” said Putanov earlier today, after being told by ICANN officials that his long-standing application for dot .Проституте (.prostitute in Cyrillic) will have to be aborted.

Putanov, reputedly paid ICANN officials caviar, Cuban cigars and the finest Ukrainian women, during a recent gathering at his luxurious Yekaterinburg dacha, overlooking the Caspian Sea.

“I break leg if no gTLD .prostitute go forward, invest money and bribe for achieve goal,” exclaimed Sergei Putanov.

“You try cheat me and release this govno, .сайт and .онлайн and no dot .prostitute in Russian? My investment, my word you pay! Ebanatyi pidaraz!” added Putanov, swearing in Russian and kicking the legs off a crystal coffee table.

ICANN is under fire recently, for intervening around the world to events unrelated to simply collecting $0.18 per domain registration and organizing industry parties in the Caribbean, Mali and Mozambique.

Sergei Putanov, a domain investor with a notoriously bad temper and an endless stack of money is expected to retaliate.


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  1. Nick says:

    Yob tvoyiu mat – this is epic 🙂

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