Shape of things to come? Sudan blocks negative websites, monitors Internet cafes

As ICANN49 closes in Singapore, the vision of a free, open and government-detached Internet appears to be a mirage.

The US government has long maintained its stewardship of ICANN and key Internet functions are in place, to ensure that freedom of speech and communications are the norm, versus the exception.


In a new development, that magnifies the ICANN fallacies regarding United Nations-assumed control of the Internet, Sudan is taking additional steps to stifle freedom of speech and communications.

Sudan’s National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) announced that “negative websites will be blocked 100%.”

The Sudanese NTC regulates the Internet content and electronic communications accessible in the country.

Reporters Without Borders named Sudan one of the “Enemies of the Internet” in 2014. The NTC blocked YouTube and Arabic news websites during protests in 2013, and cut off the Internet entirely for the entire country, in order to prevent organizing via social media.

If it sounds familiar, that’s exactly what Turkey has done, repeatedly; currently blocking Twitter from being accessed within the country.

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